Information about Kalais Studios

Hello World! :)

My name is Dominik Skarbek-Kruszewski and I have 12 years of experience in creation of websites, movies and animations as well as graphic design. I work as a freelancer.

I have gained an education studying Social Psychology, Computer Science and Communications in Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland and later I put this knowledge in practice. Years of education and work were helped me to hone matching products with appropriate target audiences, defining and determining the needs and expectations of users and understanding the needs of each client.

When designing I always think of usability which is an extremely important factor in human-computer interactions. Legibility, clearness and an aesthetic and original look are also very important elements of my work.

If you are interested in hiring me feel free to contact me.


My services can be divided into several areas such as:

Websites and web design

  • websites, portals and online shops
  • blog, discussion forum and online gallery
  • multimedia flash websites
  • layouts and skins for web platforms such as myspace, invision forums, twitter, allegro
  • company profiles on facebook and other social platforms

Prints and e-advertising

  • posters, leaflets and flyers
  • book covers, cd covers etc.
  • logos and corporate identity elements
  • digital advertising - banner, button, time blocker, mailing, virtual billboard etc.
  • .pdf documents

Visualization and multimedia presentations

  • three-dimensional visualization of individual products
  • three-dimensional architectural visualizations of the interiors
  • three-dimensional architectural outdoor visualizations
  • advanced multimedia presentations using techniques such as Flash, PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress

Computer graphic and illustration

  • illustration painted using tablet (digital painting) and the traditional media
  • computer graphics, 2D and 3D
  • photomontage, mixed media
  • photography retouching and editing

Film and animation

  • two-dimensional computer animation - 2D, Flash
  • three-dimensional computer animation - 3D
  • classic stop motion animation
  • montage and editing all kind of video materials
  • recording and editing films in 720p HD and 1080p Full HD for internet services like YouTube or Vimeo
  • professional color grading

Kalais online

Visit my blog with illustrations, like me on facebook, follow me on variety of social and design websites ;)
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I work for both small businesses helping them in building company identity and large companies. Some of my clients are:
lady panklotosemcgielda papierow wartosciowych
swpsforte meblemakro

Contests, shows and publications

Website blogmtb.pl created by Kalais Studios - Third place in a contest for a best website. Contest organizd by forumweb.pl, Poland.
First place in a artistic contest for painting character from Diablo 3 game by Blizzard Entertainment. Battle.net Network, Poland.
Illustrated Apparent Reality – individual exhibition of illustrations, illustrations and animations by Dominik Skarbek-Kruszewski. SCEK, Brzozowa Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
Kalais Blog - Illustrated Apparent Reality - Second place in a contest for a best website. Contest organizd by forumweb.pl, Poland.
Illustrated Apparent Reality - individual exhibition of illustrations by Dominik Skarbek-Kruszewski at Winowajca, Warsaw, Poland.
Kalais Blog - Illustrated Apparent Reality has been awarded the title of the Golden Page of the Week by polish magazine "Wprost".
Presentation of the animations from the Metaphorical Motions art project and illustrations of Illustrated Apparent Reality made by Dominik Skarbek-Kruszewski. It was displayed on the big screen in a cinema-gallery Charlie, Lodz, Poland, during Projekt "CHEOS" - Charlie (Experience) Open Space event.
First place in a contest to create a movie / trailer showing content of game expansion Moradon: The Resurrection for MMORPG Knight Online. Contest organized by K2 Networks, California, USA.
Second place in a contest to create a movie / trailer based on the game Knight Online. Contest organized by K2 Networks, California, USA.
Special mention in the contest "Edit that love" to create Valentine Day's graphics using a computer game Knight Online characters. Contest organized by K2 Networks, California, USA.
First place in a contest to design the book cover of "Social web space". Contest organized by Social Psychology Publisher Academica, Warsaw, Poland
Publication of selected artworks and brief note about Dominik Skarbek-Kruszewski at new media magazine Klimmaty.