is a cycle of short animated movies created by applying digital methods. These motions are an attempt to show broad meaning “occurrences” what we know from a social life in untypical, metaphorical way. They are the most frequently visualised words, phenomenon, feelings which in most cases dont have phisical defined look, like loneliness. These pictures are characterized by minimalistic graphic, small number of colours (mainly gray scale) and no useless details. This is 24 year old DOMINIK SKARBEK-KRUSZEWSKI’s ( kalais.studios ), subjective look at world. He deals with computer graphic from a few years and studies social psychology of IT and comunciation.

is an open cycle containing 3 pieces of work at the moment:

A picture showing title loneliness, black, sharp and contrary to expectation not lonely...

2. THE POWER OF LOVE ( open in new window )
A picture showing in symbolic way a plainness and at the same time complexity of feeling what a love is.

The latest picture it is a metaphorical presentation of a televison, the televison that makes a brain wash, showering us with low-valuable information, sells us cheap sensation. We ourselves accept it and put our head into a curved picture of reality, that is filling in our information emptiness on the world and people in ineffective way.

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